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About Me!


My problem was that I don't wear t-shirts. So sadly enough, despite the amount of amazing art that you could get on a shirt, I would never wear one.

One day I decided to look around and see if I could find something that I could wear, which would be subtle, classy and overall fit with my standard attire.

After fruitless searching through the deep wastes of the internet, I naturally turned to alcohol. It is in this vodka induced haze that I saw a vision. 

A creature stood before me. It seemed to be constantly shifting its shape and had no defined edges, but eventually it settled on the shape of a floating manatee in formal attire. And then it spoke to me in the voice of Patrick Stewart, and told me that I must create that which I seek for otherwise the world will forever miss out on stylish MLP inspired neckwear. It also told me to beware of the platypus, for it plots my doom, but that could've been just my imagination.

So I set out to create. Once the bleeding stopped, I realized that I would need to get someone who knows how to make fabric and ties, for I could not sew such fine designs into fabric. I also realized that sewing needles and alcohol do not mix. Not even a bit. 

Eventually I managed to obtain a couple of ties made in the image of my designs, and they raised interest in the corner of reddit that I inhabited.

As I couldn't bear to sell them as they were - low quality, and completely un-rainbow, I looked for better ways. Contacting some companies, I found a way to get the ties made. Only one design is in my hands now, but the rest are about to be on the way.

I stand before you, a humble purveyor of pony inspired neckties, and only ask for your friendship, your understanding, and your money.