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Wave 4 pin set

$45.00 - $50.00
Wave 4 pin set

This wonderful set here contains Zecora, Daring Do, and some fancy others as well! They'll be as at home on the lapel of your tuxedo as attached to your bag or coat.

Set contains one each of



Cutie Mark Crusaders



Daring Do

You can get the silver(nickel) or gold plated version of the CMC badge, just specify which you prefer either via the dropdown or in the PayPal comments box when checking out.

The pins are fairly small and do present a choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of children, pets and baby dragons. Do not swallow pins. Connector on back of pin is sharp, don't poke yourself or anyone else with it. Consult a specialist if swallowed.No, you still don't get my quarter